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Goals for 2010

Maybe some people think it’s a little early to be doing this, but I think it’s perfect. I have sat and thought about this and getting it all out and ordered before the complete insanity of the holidays hits full force makes sense to me.
So here is my goal list for next year. It’s in order of importance, so the farther down the list, the least upset I will be with myself if I don’t get it done.

  1. Novel “Annabelle” ready for publication.
  2. First novel of “When Came the Fall” ready for publication.
  3. First draft completed of total of “When Came the Fall”.
  4. Etsy shop open by fall.
  5. Participate in at least one craft fair in December.
  6. Participate in the Sidewalk Art Stroll in June, July, and August.

The important thing now is to get the office reorganized before the end of the year so I can work more effectively. All of these are large, time-consuming goals, so although there may be more things I’d like to do, I think that if I get all this done this year I’ll be very proud of myself.

Anyone else thought about their goals for next year yet?