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Baby’s Room… Practically Done!

Well, the room is pretty much done. There will probably only be a couple more pictures, since there are only a few more things we want to put up and buy, etc. (Isn’t there always a little more?, lol.)

Her name is going to go over the closet door, so I’ve still got to buy the letters for that.

This corner is going to have a rocking chair as soon as we find one we like.

Eventually, all the Plantation Blinds in the house will be painted white to match the trim, but we have to find someone who can do it right, so they don’t get messed up.

So there it is! Hope you enjoy.


Room 1 Part 3

We got the crib together this morning. I really like the bedding we picked out. It’s girl without being too girly. It’s not a great picture, but I love the ladybug lamp (it’s sitting on the changing table). I’ll take some better pictures of the decorating once we get everything done. We’re getting close. 9 1/2 weeks left!

Room 1 Part 2

So we got the floor down in the baby’s room. It looks really really good and I can’t wait to get wood floors in the rest of the house. The 1/4 round still needs to be put down, there’s a little touch up on the paint, and the ceiling fan has to be put up, but it was getting late and we weren’t sure if the roads were going to ice over or not, so the contractor went home.

The floors need a good cleaning, but here’s what they look like.

The color’s a bit more accurate in this one.