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Remodeling – Room 2

 So, we’re about to get started on redoing a second room in the house — the front bathroom.

Here’s how it looked when we first moved in.

See the carpet on the floor. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Blech! And don’t get me started on that wallpaper.

This is what it looks like now.

The vinyl stick-down tile was mainly just to get that nasty carpet out. We’re going to keep the paint color, but I want real tile. This room is really hard to photograph because it’s so long and narrow, but I’ll do my best. We’re hoping to have it done soon. The same guy that did the wood floor in Chloe’s room is going to do the tile for us. I can’t wait!


A New Start

I’ve done this before on this blog, and I feel the need to do it periodically just because of the way everything changes. I’ve deleted some rants, some sad moments, and random things that make no sense to my life now.

I’ve also changed the name from “A Point of View” to “Domestic Adventures” which reflects what my life has become. Most people who know me wouldn’t think I would become “domestic” but I find that I’m really happy, so instead of this idealized “what I think my life should be” fantasy land that we all get tricked into believing we should have, I’m accepting what my life is and the fact that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying what is.

So, this blog is now going to focus on my family, my home, and all that comes with that. I’m really excited about it.

First up, I’m making a revision to my goal list that I posted here. Much as I would love to say that I could do it all, it’s just not feasible. I’ve thought about what I still want to do and what I would like to change, so I give you

My Revised 2010 Goal List

1. First draft of “When Came the Fall” trilogy complete
2. Sidewalk Art Stroll – July and August
3. Participate in one craft fair in December
4. First draft of “Heart of Purgatory”
5. First draft of “Starry Night”

There you have it. I’m sure I will probably revise even more as the year goes along, but for now, I think these things are doable if I buckle down and stop letting myself get drawn into things that are nothing but a “time suck.” What better day to start than today!