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Goal List Update

So, I’m working steadily on my goal list. The time management part of it has been the biggest issue. Surprise, surprise, it’s been harder to nail down than I thought since Chloe has gotten here. 🙂 I’m beginning to manage a little better though.

Okay, on to my update. I’m a little over halfway done with the first draft of the first novel of the trilogy (as yet unnamed). The entire trilogy is titled “When Came the Fall”. I just haven’t named the individual books yet. I hope to have a title for this one by the time the first draft is finished. I have some ideas, and I should just write them down so I can look them over well.

I’ve also been accepted to participate in the last two Sidewalk Art Strolls, one in July and one in August. I will be sharing a booth with my dad, who is going to have his photography. While I have some ideas, I haven’t actually started on anything for it yet… which is bad. Hopefully, once I begin though, it won’t take long to knock some stuff out.

Well, there you have it. I have a lot still left that I want to accomplish, but at least I’m working on it.


Culinary Sunday – First Post

I’m starting something new on this blog. I’m going to have a Culinary Sunday. This is in response to Jeff and I deciding that our evening meals were becoming boring and predictable – and that we’re going to do something about it.

We have two cookbooks that once a week, we’re going to pick out a recipe to try and broaden our culinary horizons. Maybe we’ll inspire someone else to do the same.

So, first up is an Asian cookbook we picked up at Barnes & Noble. I’m not sure if the recipes are exactly “authentic” but I do know the flavors are since it is published by the Culinary Institute of America and the recipe writers are all Asian cooks who know what they’re doing.

Tonight we had “Korean Lettuce Wrap with Spicy Beef”

So, we’re giving this one 3 stars. The beef and vegetables in the marinade were really good, especially over the rice. We ended up just eating the meat and veggies over the rice and not bothering with the lettuce wrap part.

The downside of the meal… in the first picture, see that little bowl of sauce. Well, that was a Spicy Bean Paste, and all I can say is OMG! That stuff was completely gross. The only bite I took with that stuff I gagged and spit it out. That part of the meal was in the negative rating. There are probably more recipes in the book that are supposed to use that as a sauce, but it’s not going to happen.

The verdict:  I will make this again, but I will add more vegetables and totally nix the Spicy Bean Paste. Not too bad for our first adventure.