Goal List or OMG, the year is basically half over!

So, yes, I keep adjusting my goal list, looking over what is feasible and what I still actually want to do and if there is anything else I want to do. Hopefully, next year I won’t have to do so much adjusting because I will have a better idea of what I’ll realistically will be able to do.

I have added another goal for the year, something… personal isn’t the right word because it’s all personal…well, I’ll just say that it is something to help my self-esteem and physical health. I want to run (or at least jog!) a 5K by the end of the year. Specifically I’m thinking I want to participate in the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and I have a good friend whose mother is a survivor and for some crazy reason I have it in my head to do a 5K, so why not? I’m using a program called Couch to 5k. It’s supposed to have you running a 5K in 9 weeks, so taking out the week I’ll be at the family reunion, I should reach that goal by the end of August. If I keep it up, then doing the Ribbon Run in Oct. shouldn’t be a problem. Should it? 🙂

So, here’s the new list, updates and all.

  1. First draft of first book of “When Came the Fall” – Completed!
  2. Second draft of first book of “When Came the Fall”
  3. First draft of second book of “When Came the Fall”
  4. Participate in Sidewalk Art Stroll (July & August)
  5. Participate in one Craft Fair in Dec.
  6. Complete a 5K

So there it is. It seems I’ve been doing an update quarterly, so I guess you can look for my new list in Oct.!


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