Dragon*Con Loot 2010

I didn’t take any pictures at the Con, but I got some really great loot, so I thought I’d share pictures of it all.

First up, I’ve made a thing out of getting the Hard Rock Cafe pins, so here are the ones from this year. (and if anyone happens to have the purple dragon from ’08, I’d love to take it off your hands)

Next up is my Camilla d’Errico haul.

First is the custom Stitch she did for their artist series. (she signed it’s little head for me)

Next are the prints and art book I bought from her.

I also bought a really cute print from Imaginism Studios, which are the people who did the concept art for Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. More specifically, Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu. It’s such a cute picture. I think it may go in Chloe’s room.

Next, I expanded my collection of Scavengers by Kathie Olivas. They’re not working with Mindstyle anymore, so there won’t be any more of these.

I got a book from Chris Ryniak (who is part of the Circus Posterus group with Kathie Olivas) and the print is from their August sale, although they had a few at Dragon*Con too.

And last, but certainly not least, Deadnettle by Amanda Louise Spayd. She only made 13 of these and I got 2/13. It’s eyes and teeth glow in the dark and there are glow in the dark paint spatters. This was the thing I was coveting the most at D*Con.

Hope you all enjoy. I can’t wait until next year!


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