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Artist Market

Okay, so I’m going to give this a try. Every Saturday at the Flying Monkey in Lowe Mill, they have an Artist Market – free to the public, with lots of good stuff – and I’m going to be there tomorrow for the first time. I’m a little nervous and excited too, of course I’m always a little nervous with things like this – but the excitement is always more. I’m not going to do any more stuff, I’m going to take what I’ve already got.

I’m taking my Monster Lumps which you can see here. Also, I will have the three embroidery wall art pieces, seen here. I also still have some hand painted necklaces and the following small paintings.

I think that will be all, unless I find some other stuff to scrounge up and add to the pile. I hope you get to come out and see me. The Artist Market is from 12 -4. You can find more information here. There’s a map on there too. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Happy Arting!


Goal List- Last 3 months of the year!!!

So, I’m going to make an update to my goal list from back in October. Here goes!!

  1. First draft of first book of “When Came the Fall”
  2. Second draft of first book of “When Came the Fall”
  3. First draft of second book of “When Came the Fall”
  4. Participate in Sidewalk Art Stroll (July & August)
  5. Finish Couch to 5K

So, there’s my update everyone! Come the end of the year, I’ll have my goals set for next year and this process gets to start all over again. Hope everyone has a good end of the year!


I know I’ve been promising them for a little while, but I finally finished them up and got photos. Just in time too, since this Sat. is the event downtown where I’ll be set up with my Dad selling.


So, here they are – Monster Lumps!!

made from fleece, felt, cotton thread, with safety eyes



These are not recommended for small children. The Monster Lumps might eat them and I can’t be responsible for that! 😉 If you want more info on these, just let me know.


Maybe I’ll see some of you in downtown Huntsville on the square Saturday.