Cuban Red Beans & Rice – One Pot Style

So, it’s not my grandmother’s recipe – and one day I will get it from her and cook it – but I thought it sounded kind of good. It’s a recipe I found in the Sept. 2010 issue of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine, although I only loosely followed it since I’m not big on exact recipes anyhow – unless I’m baking, of course.
So, I gathered up my ingredients.

We have olive oil, rice (I used jasmine rice, although plain white rice is what you usually should use, but I didn’t have any =o), cumin, fresh oregano, garlic, chicken stock, and chopped onion and bell pepper.


First, pretty much all Cuban food begins with a sofrito as a base. This one is bell pepper, onion, and garlic cooked in olive oil. The other usual variation adds tomato.


Next goes in the oregano, cumin, and rice. That cooks for a couple of minutes.


Then the beans and broth go in. You bring that to a boil, then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes until all the liquid is gone. It turned out good, for a one-pot vegetarian version. I made garlic bread and we had a salad to go with it. The final approval came from my nearly eight month old daughter. She seemed to really like the beans.


Hope you all enjoy my foodie post – I know we enjoyed the food!


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