Blog Revival and DragonCon 2011 “What I Scored”

I have been so so so bad about my blog. I’m going to change that and I’m starting with this year’s trip to DragonCon. My plan is to do the trip over a few blog posts because if I put all I wanted to say in one, it would be HUUUGE!

First up, I’m going post pictures of all the things I scored. I got some really neat art pieces, a cool hoodie, jewelry, and even got some cute things for Chloe.

So without further ado.


My scores from DragonCon are the Boo Skelve (the little ghostie fellow) and the Medic Bunny (with the red cross on his chest). My Shelf of Awesome is growing.



I also bought this necklace with art work from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. (They are also responsible for the cuteness that is Boo Skelve)



I also bought this hoodie. For those who don’t watch, this is from Big Bang Theory. It has to be my favorite show on TV and I was grateful that I bought it when on Monday, Hurricane Lee came barreling through dropping the temperature by about 20 degrees.


And for Chloe…


Tees from her favorite shows and…



one Gloomy Bear.


So that is part of my haul from this year. I have a couple of other things to photograph, but I’m going to save them for another post. More on DragonCon 2011 later.


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