DragonCon 2011 “What I Wore”

So, while a lot of people go all out and cosplay it up, I’m really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, although I did do one costume this year and next year I plan on doing more – because dressing up is fun!

Friday – I went all out Hello Kitty, from t-shirt to socks to Vans. I also painted my nails with a really really cool topcoat put out by Sally Hansen that does a crackle effect. Love it!

Saturday – my first tribute to my favorite show on TV – Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t watch, the words are a little song that Sheldon likes to have sung to him when he’s sick. Saturday night, Jeff and I also dressed up for Star Trek and had our pictures done on a green screen. It was fun and the money went to the National Inclusion Project so it was a win all around.

My hair is actually in a beehive, but my hair is only about shoulder length, so you can’t really tell in the picture. I know we should have posed or something, but if you watch the old series we actually look about like they did on the transporters since because of the technology they had to stand pretty still the whole time.


I decided to go happy!

Monday – Another tribute to Big Bang Theory (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!). And since it was cold, I also got to wear the Bazinga! sweatshirt from the last post.

So, there it is. Next year, I plan to have more costumes. I already have the ideas, now I just have to make them!


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