DragonCon “What I Did”

So, we actually got to Atlanta on Thurs, so we could get our badge and have a night before the craziness of the weekend started. D*C put in a new registration system and it went so much better. Instead of a two or three hour wait, it was only about an hour and that was with the line wrapped all the way around the Sheraton when we got there.

Here’s my pretty badge – four years now.

After that, we ate at Trader Vic’s – which is at the bottom of the Hilton where we stayed. The food was good. The Mai Tai was gross. I don’t know if we’ll eat there again next year or not. My guess is not.

Day 1 – Friday

So I went to three panels on Friday and made a circuit through Artist Alley/Comic and Pop Art Alley and the three dealer rooms.


Write A Story In An Hour – This was a fun panel with a lot of hilarity. A roomful of complete strangers coming up with three keywords (we chose Fog/Shipwreck/Clock) and then from there a main character, secondary character, bad guy, setting, plot. It was a great way to start off the con and I may end up writing a short story from it, just for kicks.

Breaking In; How It’s Done – This panel was very informative. It was full of agents, publishers, and writers- all with good information for someone trying to get into the business. I also got a preview of a recurring theme that new authors really need to have themselves out there on social networking before you even have a book deal. That was an eye opener for me and part of the reason I’m getting my blog going again. So, follow me! 🙂

Tor Upfront – several of the big sci-fi/fantasy publishers do these panels. It’s basically a preview of their publishing list for the next several months. I’m adding to my “To Be Read” (TBR) list.

Day 2 – Saturday

I went to four more panels on Saturday. I also got my Dragonlance Chronicles signed by Tracy Hickman (squeeeeee!) and that night was the Stargate/Star Trek Carnival – which sounds more exciting than it was. We left early.


Plodding or Plotting? – This was a good panel on how to develop plot and how to spot when you’re infodumping instead of advancing the story.

Baen Books Traveling Sideshow and Prize Patrol – Another make my TBR list longer panel.

Characters That Come to Life – A great panel on characterization. A lot of it I already knew, but it never hurts to hear other people’s ideas.

Spotlight: Dark Faeries – This was not entirely what I expected and only one of the authors really knew what she was talking about, but I did get some good sources for researching faeries and folklore. I also left this panel early.

Me and Tracy Hickman


So there is my first two days at DragonCon. The last two are coming soon…


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