DragonCon “What I Did” Part 2

Sorry for the delay on this one – but finally, the rest of my trip at Dragon*Con.

Day 3 – Sunday

Sunday was more panels and cruising the dealer rooms/art show. I actually did purchase some prints – to be shown off further down.


Switching… Young Adult to Adult and Vice Versa – This was interesting. It was three authors who have written both adult and young adult and they talked about the differences between the two.

Spotlight on BelleBooks & Bell Bridge Books – This company was the sponsor of the Writer’s Track at DragonCon and this panel was a collection of their editors and writers.

What’s Coming Next From DelRey – Adding to my TBR list!

Knowing Your Audience – This panel discussed a lot on audience and how to revise/edit and about author branding.

Editors and Agents Speak Out – A lot of this was stuff I already knew about submission, etc, but it’s always good to go and here exactly what they’re looking for.


I bought these for the kitchen.

Day 4 – Monday

Last day of the Con, last chance for the art and dealer rooms too! Of course, usually by this day I’m kind of ready to get home too.


Who Wants To Be  A Writer – Agents, editors, and authors discussing the business

Market Trends in SF/Fantasy/Horror – this was the only panel I was disappointed in. I actually got up and walked out because the panelists were such downers. All they could talk about was the decline of the publishing industry and how hard it was to get in the business and how they saw no future in writing. After all the positive talk of the rest of the weekend, this actually made me angry to hear.

Peter David – Jeff and I always end with this one. Peter David is not only a great author, but I think he missed a calling as a stand up comic. It’s always so much fun.

I just got this one because I really liked it.


These are for Chloe's room.


So, that’s my trip to DragonCon for 2011. We had a blast and I can’t wait to go back next year.



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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.


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