Just Finished Reading

This week I finished up The Demon Trapper’s Daughter by Jana Oliver. It’s a YA book and one that was on my TBR list from DragonCon. Even though it is YA, I would definitely say it is for older teens because it does have some pretty harsh language in it, though it’s not swearing for the sake of swearing – it is appropriate for the book.

Riley Blackthorne is the seventeen year old daughter of legendary demon trapper, Paul Blackthorne. She wants to follow in his footsteps, but has chosen a difficult path since there is a Good Ol Boys camaraderie at the local Trapper’s Guild, headed by Master Harper – who seems to have made it his personal vendetta to keep Riley from becoming a certified demon trapper. When the simple trapping of a Grade One demon goes wrong, it sets off a series of events that changes Riley’s entire life and could end with the world literally in Hell.

The style of writing is fast paced and keeps your attention throughout. Riley is a character that anyone who in any way felt like an outsider during their teen years will empathize with. She is smart and capable, but full of that normal self doubt and uncertainty everyone feels.

I also read a short story that goes along with the series, Retro Demonology. It’s the story of Riley’s first solo demon trap and is available free as an ebook.


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