Crafting – Yarn Stash Bust

So, like a lot of crafters I have way way way too many crafting supplies. One of my biggest problems seems to be yarn. I just can’t resist it. The colors. The funky textures. The way it feels. I have a lot of yarn that when I bought it I’m sure I had a plan for it, but none of those plans ever seem to pan out. In an effort to get it under control – and so I don’t feel too guilty when I buy more for projects that I want to do – I’m going to do some Stash Busting projects.

The first is a rug for the kitchen. I’ve been wanting one for in front of the sink and I’m probably also going to crochet one for in front of the stove too. The yarn is 100% cotton, so it’s washable, which is important for a kitchen. The pattern came out of  the July/August 2011 issue of Crochet Today. If you do any crocheting, I recommend getting this magazine. It has great, modern patterns.

Yarns Used

  • Lily Sugar and Cream
  • Lion Brand 100% Cotton

    In Front of the Sink

Close Up


It took me about two weeks off and on to finish this. Hope you like it.


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