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One Change At A Time

So, I was thinking of the New Year for this, but then I thought again. Why wait? That’s why I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re already thinking of something you’d like to change, why wait? Why put it off? That’s a sign it’s not something you really want to do anyway. I also think people overwhelm themselves with trying to change too much too fast.

In my pondering I came up with an idea. I read somewhere that it takes between 16 and 20 times of doing something to turn it into a habit. I decided to take one thing a month that I’ve always wanted to do or know that I should do and take 30 (or 31 as the case may be) days to turn it into a new habit.

For the month of November – and it’s fitting since this is also NaNoWriMo – my change is to write every day. I know. I know. I’ve been writing for years. I’ve even finished a few manuscripts, but I’ve never made it a habit to write every day. Even doing the strenuous task of NaNoWriMo, I took days off. I procrastinated. Even if it’s just in a journal, or jotting down a few ideas, that is my goal.

I’m going to write everyday.

And so this isn’t words only, here are a couple of pictures from the month of October. I’m off to write now!

At the Pumpkin Patch